This is Mapper v3.

It has been written by Moonshade in Gnome 1, meaning that it will work on *nix only. However this is currently the most advanced mapper available, although not used widely since most people are on windows, and so prefer the old v2 DOS version.

I have not packaged it yet, so you'll have to get it from CVS rather (module: mapper) and compile it yourself. You'll need the Gnome 1/Gdk/Glade development packages.

Some screenshots are available.

Why providing a mapper without maps ?
Well, playing MUME without maps is kinda hard. So, one way or another, you need them. If you can't get them from someone, you have to make your own. And then you need either to use a pen and a (huge) sheet of paper, either to reinvent the wheel using your favourite programming language, either to ask for the tool someone who has already made it ;-)
I choosed the last one, got the source from Moonshade, did a couple of bugfixes and added terrain type support.

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