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26 Oct. 2002 - Back to mapper v4
I've been away of it for long, playing instead of coding. Now I have fixed the damn bug I was stuck on (partly the fault of the wxCanvas lib I use), that should make me play less and code more ;-).

26 Oct. 2002 - Upload of some maps
Because of the damn unlocatable bug in mapper4 I've been making maps for myself instead of working on mapper4. They are as always based on Gray maps, but with the terrain types. The BM-GH area is online since quite a long time now, I haven't worked on the shire due to it's boringness (XP-wise).
The Fornost-Bree area is now online, I'll post more areas if I take the time to complete them.
This section will disappear when the mapper4 will be functional (since they will move to Gray's site).

11 Jan. 2003 - Warrens, Lorien
Two new maps online, others are done to 75% but not complete. Coding will continue when exams are finished, with complete upgrade of the wxCanvas lib. Although it may be delayed if I get some Maia job ;-)

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